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Atkins weeks 3&4

Not much to add here on the update – it remains the easiest diet I have done, and the quickest way for me to like my body, or at least, feel that it is ‘mine’ – I never quite feel myself when full of carbs. I have changed the update to a Friday as weight is more stable pre- than post- weekend. I drank a bucketload this weekend (probably 3 bottles of wine / champagne all in all), and ate some nachos, but otherwise stuck to it! Huzzah! Eating a lot of chicken salad, fish, bacon omeles every morning (mmmm… GREAT thing to wake up to) and burgers on salad (broke food) and of course protein pancakes in all their glorious varieties every night (hazelnut flavoured, chocolate flavoured, plain).

Summary per day: calories: 1,600; fat: 80g; carbs: 35g; Protein: 140g

Workouts per week: 2* heavy listing, 2 * zumba, 1 * kickboxing and 1 * 40 min lazy swim. No hiking or biking this weekend – boo.

Weight: -2.5 lbs!

To go to goal: 3 lbs (Huzzah)

PROS this week:

-Dead easy to eat out

-Atkins mocha shakes are possibly one of the tastiest things ever

-No hunger / sugar cravings

-Lots of energy for workouts

-Cheap meal possibilities in a pinch ($3 for 2 McDoubles (no bun, no cheese, no ketchup) and a salad)

-Relatively high calorie count (if I eat more carbs, dropping fat and keeping protein the same, I generally have to consume 1,300 kcals a day to consistently lose weight)

-Deadlifts / bench presses as strong as ever


-I guess I ‘cheated’ once with a few Nachos, meaning the diet is 100% ideal

Atkins week 2

Woo-hoo, second week over.  Was very easy to follow; with the exception of avoiding alcohol (how poor of me) – I had 2 glasses of wine last week, and 1 cheat meal in which I ate steamed dumplings, BBQ sauce and  1 slice of bread, but otherwise stuck to it.

I had a lot of energy, completed all my workouts without a problem, and beat my bf in a bicycle race.  I also had 3 lunches out (Jim N Nicks!), one lunch provided by work, one fast food lunch and ate dinner out twice – once at a Mexican, once at a BBQ. And I lost 1.5 lbs, again without any noticeable decrease in muscle definition (in fact it looks better) or strength when lifting.

One thing that annoyed / amused me was getting a bad rap from some of my friends for doing Atkins, when at lunch. Apparently it was hugely unhealthy and I was about to go into kidney failure… the people saying this were were either eating a loaded baked potato (loaded with pork, cheese, sour cream, butter) or creamy mash, sugary baked apples and fatty BBQ meat with sugary suace. Meanwhile I was eating a mixed salad (I did have some dressing… shoot me) with fish (!) I thought it was a little ironic.

Anyway: Week summary -1.5 lbs

Total summary= -5.5 lbs

Left to go: 5 lbs!

Pros this week:

-Easy to follow when eating out

-No real hunger

-Lots of energy

-I felt like I was eating real food, that made me feel healthy (purely subjectively) while eating it  – grilled meat and fish, salad and veg, some flax seed

-Wes got up every morning and made me an omelet – LOVE waking up to bacon, eggs and coffee 😀

-Lost weight while having a hectic schedule.

-One ‘cheat’ meal didn’t seem damaging


-No wine allowed really! Wine is my weakness 🙂

-When eating at David’s, if I had not decided to forget the diet for one meal, I would have had to ask for special food, as it was one meal that wasn’t really workable

Atkins one week in

OK, first week of induction over. I failed only on 2 occasions, and both times is was red wine (delicious, delicious red wine) that let me down. And both times, it was worth it. I lost 6 lbs, but managed to gain back 2 (TOTM?). I averaged 95g of fat a day, 140g of protein and about 35g carbs (less than 20 net carbs). It was easy to do while traveling and eating out a lot (I was at a conference) and amazing to ‘lose’ without doing much exercise. However, I know a lot is water weight, so this had better keep coming off. I am enjoying the food, but skeptical that this much fat will allow me lose weight – even in the absence of any real carb intake. It has also cut down my hunger alot, alot, alot, so I am no longer permanently swigging soda / chewing gum to distract myself. Overall, I do feel better, but overall, I am not sure it is going to lead to the weight loss I want.

Summary: -4 lb
Workouts: 2 resistance band sesssions; 1 dance class; 1 4 mile run; 1 30 min sprint session

Pros of Atkins this week:
-Never felt hungry outside of mealtimes
-Atkins bars are portable and socially acceptable; good to use at a conference
-Easy to eat out without messing up the diet
-Sweet cravings largely went, so it wasn’t difficult to stick to the food choices
-Plenty of energy to finish workouts, including my first sprint session

– I guess the food choice is fairly restrictive,
-Lost 4 lbs while away
-I did have one day when I was super tired (again, I think TOTM??).

Fitness model Jamie Eason is trying to persuade me to post progress pictures… I am declining! Bring on week 2!

Atkins pancakes

OK, clearly I am going through some kind of pancakes obsession. I do that… lock into certain foods, want to eat them for ages, and then completely go off them and don’t want them near me for weeks. Fickle. Anyway, now I am on Atkins Induction I perfected my Atkins pancake recipe… it is so good. It is very different from the protein pancakes – those are sweet and really like a dessert. These are savoury, much like a slightly less fluffy wholemeal buttermilk pancake.


1 whole egg (optional: add an extra egg white if you want more protein)

2 tbsp flax meal (I use golden, whether you do this or not is just a personal taste preference)

.3 cup unsweetened almond breeze (optional: use cream instead, this is too heavy for me)

1 tsp baking powder

1 packet splenda (optional: add a tsp vanilla, this will take away the more savory taste)

Blend, and fry. Serve with your usual breakfast fixings, here bacon and a splash of sugar free syrup. For extra brownie points, fry them in leftover bacon grease (thanks Clio for the tip). NB: I cut these out of one large pancake using a glass rim. I found the mixture a little too runny to make individual ones.

I know y’all hate Atkins, but I don’t think these are too unhealthy; the fat is mostly omega 3 and there is lots of fiber (so watch out if you eat them too often – don’t forget to drink water 😉 ).

Nutrition (pancakes only): calories: 159; Fat: 11.32g; protein: 10.6g; carbs: 5.55g; fiber: 4.3g (net carbs: 1.2).

Fat: 64%; Protein: 22%; Carbs: 14%

Fat-kins here I come

OK, had a mini meltdown when I saw some photos of me in a bikini. By “mini” I do of course mean refusing to let anyone see them, running out of the room and crying about it the next day. Sad as it is, I don’t want to be a ‘chunky bride’. There, I said it and admitted it. But it is OK, Wes has talked some sense into me – he has pointed out that I have very little body fat, but I do have an awful lot of muscle. If you are doing 120 squats & deadlifts and bench pressing 100, you are going to bulk up. Which I like. But the problem is, when you throw a little bit of junk food on top of that the muscle tone sort of smoothes out, and you just look ‘chunky’. He pointed out that I look like what I am – a female body builder in the ‘off season’. It’s not a bad thing, but it doesn’t feel like ‘me’. And my proportions are slightly ridiculous. So after a wee bit of crying, I need – no, WANT – to shed some bulk (fat) and not build my muscles for a little while. I guess it would be a sort of ‘cutting’ regime. The best way that I know for *me* to do this, without going crazy low calories / getting too obsessive / falling into to the yo-yo dieting trap is to do Atkins. And drop the heavy lifting (just do light strength training twice a week + plyos) in favour of more (ergh) cardio. Not excessive – just more jogging / longer bike rides. My goal is to lose ~6/7 lbs before June 4th, and not lose too much muscle. I will drop some, sure, but I want to build up my type IIb fibres for some more tone to it, and less bulk.


The plan is:

-Induction Atkins for 12 days; then I will probably move up the ‘rungs’ quite quickly

-1-2 weeks of no strength training – 3 jogs (~3.4 miles) per week, 2 dance classes, one kickboxing class (can’t do my classes this week as I have a conference – boo).

-Then to add in strength training, but go lower weight, higher rep and do full body workouts rather than killing one muscle group per week. By the time I add this in, I should be adding in some carbs to my diet, as I will be moving up the rungs, so I shouldn’t get too tired.


In the meantime I am trying to keep my nails and suchlike looking nice, so I don’t focus on feeling like a heifer.

So, here it goes. Of course, I will have to blog my progress and meal plans – that what makes it fun for me 🙂