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It’s time for America to make a choice



The above picture is not a Scientific experiment. However, it’s a succinct reflection of the wealth of evidence, including one randomized controlled trial (the gold standard for intervention effects), which shows that free and readily available contraception does not increase the number of population sexual acts, but does reduce the number of unwanted children and the number of abortions. However abstinence only sex education has no effect on reducing sex or any of its unwanted consequences.

It is time to make a choice America:

You can pay for unwanted children, abortions (if you make it illegal, then you can pay for the consequences of backstreet abortions), and all the societal and intra- and inter-personal consequences of those. Or you can pay less, and put it towards contraception.

Where do you want your money going?

Abortions or contraception?

You have no other choice. On an individual level you are welcome to abstain, and you are welcome to educate your children / nearest and dearest to abstain. However, on a group level, this is the choice you have to make: your taxes and your medical insurance can be used for abortions or for contraception.

Think about that if you call yourself “pro life”.