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Birmingham’s best workout.

I missed zumba as I was truck hunting today, and I couldn’t run due to a strained abductor muscle and 10 mile hike tomorrow. But, I got a new workout – building my bed at South Avondale’s Community Garden. See this huge hole in a mountain of rock hard dirt?

Yup, I hacked at it with an axe, shoveled it into a wheelbarrow, pushed it over to a bed and shoveled it in. For 2 hours. All to create this:

I must be mad 🙂 At least the surroundings were beautiful and seriously, I am proud and honoured to be part of such a wonderful community project, aimed at raising food awareness, supporting up-cycling, encouraging growing you own food, and just making Birmingham (more) beautiful. I love projects that encourage community, and sharing and pride one’s neighborhood. And where I can, I will help with these. Plus, Walter loved having a fenced in space to explore and run about it.

A huge thank you to Chris and all she does to keep this going.

My first official 5K

It rained, but here we are after some restorative Jim N Nicks 🙂

Back in the Uk I was quite the jogger. Every 2 weeks I would run a half marathon. Perhaps it is not therefore surprising that with no knowledge of pre- and post- race nutrition, nor the importance of rest, nor of not overdoing it, I killed my knees, hammies and all sorts. Hence really I gave up running. Until this week, when last Friday I decided to run 2 miles. On Saturday I picked up Walter and so did the same Sunday and Tuesday with him. On Thursday I heard about a 5K (3.1 miles), the ‘retro run’ and randomly signed up. I didn’t know anyone going, except Gabe who invited me, but it was one of my ‘I need to get out and do more random things’ moments.

Come Saturday I was starting to sorely regret this decision, and panicked about being able to complete it having not run that far in a long time, and having really only had a week’s preparation, and to be honest, struggling with my 2 mile runs each morning. BUT…. I did it! I bit the bullet, pulled on an outfit vaguely reminiscent of the 70s, grabbed Walter and went for it. I walked for 3 stretches, but made a pretty respectable 31.5 minutes (6 mph…. respectable for not having trained).

More importantly, I had a fantastic time. It’s one of the great things of living in a small city: events that are cheap and accessible and fun. I chatted to loads of people and met a lot of Gabe’s friends. Plus, Walter loved it! Seeing everyone made him want to go at full belting pace, not a trot, but alas, I could not do that at all. So… next time one is on in Birmingham – give me a call please 🙂 Walt and I will be your running buddies…

New orchids

Phal from my office in England happily blooming for the second time that season

Phal from my office in England happily blooming for the second time that season

Back in the UK, I used to love growing orchids, but obviously I could not transport them all the way over the grand ole US of A. It took me a while to find something other than phalaenopsis’ everywhere (not that I am against these, per se… in fact, I have a definite hankering for a white one), until I stumbled upon Davis wholesale florist in Birmingham. For $16 a piece, I became the proud owner of:

A midnight Blue Bolopetalum

Bolo (yes, that is his name) waiting to bloom

Bolo (yes, that is his name) waiting to bloom

And an Alcra, Pacific Nova.

Jenny (more imaginatively, although less understandably, named than Bolo)

Pretty 🙂 If anyone else knows a good spot to get unusual plants in Birmingham, let me know 🙂