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Two new additions to the house

(1) A veggie patch lovingly built for me (and ONLY me) by Wesley. Possibly only so that I don’t go planting random things into his carefully landscaped back garden (and thus avoiding having to explain why there is a watermelon in his fern patch). So far seeds for purple tomatillos, green beans, herbs, hot and sweet peppers, and watermelon have been sown. I have missed the actual sowing season, so this is a bit experimental.

For the fruits of my labour (groan).

(2) Decent frikkin’ bed linen (plus a cat). I love decent, matching bed linen. Wes hated by previous foray ito black and red. Unfortunately America (the South?) is not big on duvets, so we either spent a fortune or had very limited choice. Until I hit on the genius that is IKEA. Brown and cream was the original plan, but I felt a need for colour; something that didn’t say ‘rental home / generic dorm room’. Wes hated red, blue, anything patterned…  Green it was. Not 100% sure about the green to be honest, but I think it just needs some stuff around it to tie it in: green tie backs on curtains? A green vase? Some plants? Art with green in? Something: at the moment, our bedroom is just a bed (the wardrobe is in the bathroom… don’t ask…), so it looks a bit odd, but as we buy some furniture we’ll work on a way to blend the green in.

Hello kitt-eh.