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For the record… THIS is what was wrong with my hair

So, I was so distracted with the mole yesterday, that I didn’t point out the other trauma. My hair. I went in and asked for this:

I don’t know who this is, but she has pretty hair

I know my hair does this, because it used to look like this:

Me when I was 25

However, my “stylist” (and I use that word very liberally), gave me this horror-show:


Not only is it not what I asked for, but it is a mess! He “forgot” (?) to put the feathering and layers into one side of the hair. Seriously – this is not my bad styling, this is the best he could do and how he let me leave the salon. To say nothing of the uneven bangs. He was clearly so busy telling me that: he used to be a millionaire, he had 2 number one singles with his band ‘Human’ (of which there now seems to be no trace), 3 women had married him and divorced him just for ALL his money, after his midwife had been up with his labouring wife for 54 hours he threw her out of the house for having a nap while the wife was upstairs having one too, being gay was wrong (yeah, that went down well) because women can’t procreate with other women (that went down even better) and so forth, he clearly forgot to actually cut my darn hair and just left one side as long, and fairly one length, while the other had short feathering and layers.

I was late to the conference today because after failing to fix it, I collapsed into tears again (this is how much of last night was spent). Dramatic? Yes, but I will point out that he also left my extremely thick hair, which has only been bolstered by pregnancy, looking lank and thin, my skin has broken out (OK, I got a spot), my nails all broke and my decision to wear a purple shapeless dress over the bump and cleavage made me look like Barney. Anyway, I texted my friend Kat to tell her why I was late and after the conference she offered to fix it. I have always declined Kat’s offers of haircuts, because I didn’t want to destroy a beautiful friendship if it went wrong. I shouldn’t have – she is a wonderful hairdresser! She did all sorts of clever ‘matching up’ or sides, and checking of lengths and snipping and evening (even cutting off some of the ‘good’ side) and although it is adamantly NOT WHAT I WANTED, it is at least a decent hair cut now that is you know: a whole darn haircut, not 50% layered and choppy and 50% just long.


This is all slightly compounded by the fact that I am still adjusting to having brunette hair and not bright blonde hair… which I miss. I feel so blah. Maybe the shade is not so good, and I should do Mila Kunis levels of dark? Who knows. Either way, being brunette is not easy… being brunette with 2 different hair styles: one on each side of your head is intolerable.