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Too awesome for Instagram


Thanks to my very generous friend Kate (with help from Tony), my female Scientist Legos have arrived!

A chemist:


An astronomer:


And a paleontologist complete with (my favorite part of all), a dinosaur skeleton:


I feel like I should add some insightful comment on gender roles and society, but frankly, I think these speak for themselves. Enough to say that it took me a surprisingly fun 30 minutes to build, and now I definitely want more Legos… I’m not sure I want to wait until Sam is old enough to play more…

A conversation over a glass of wine

Former hobby

Former hobby

The other day I was chatting to my husband about something that I had something to sell on Craigslist. He said “Ooooh, you should get a good few dollars to sink into a hobby with THAT”.

I grinned. Then I paused and said “I don’t have any hobbies anymore….”.

“Seriously Wes, you have a little bit of time in the day, and your evenings. I get up, have breakfast and go to work. I come home, cook dinner (which it is my choice to do), eat with the family, and then because I have missed Sam all day, I insist on doing the bath-play-bottle-bed routine. Sam goes down at 8, I clear up and it is 8.20. I am too tired to think about a hobby, plus, it is time I want to spend with you! On the weekends, I like to take Sam on a playdate Saturday mornings, and Sunday mornings are church… on both days, I get home at 1, always have some work / chores, and then by 5 it is time to be thinking about dinner again. I don’t have any hobbies! I barely maintain the aquarium that I have, and there is nowhere to go hiking or biking in Houston. I can’t make the gym and get back to lifting and if I bake there is no one to eat it because I don’t go out anymore!”.


Another pause.

“In those few hours that I do have, I like to do Sam’s scrapbook, and his baby book, but I don’t really need much for that”.

Wes looked at me and said “Well… you really wanted a baby. I guess your hobby is your baby”.


New hobby

I guess so.

It is not quite accurate – I do have a hobby of voluntary work: volunteering weekly at MD Anderson, sponsoring a child ton whom I write to regularly, and helping with the church childcare once a month. And I chose to cook the evening meal because I enjoy cooking and like to do that. But I used to do so much: video games, reading, hiking, a tonne of sports, travel… I feel like the old Lekki is gone.

My sponsored child

My sponsored child

It is not a bad thing, but it is certainly a ‘I-am-glad-that-I-really-lived [and I think I really lived]-before-kids’ thing, and it is a ‘this-is-the-life-I-wanted-and-I-love-it thing’. But it was a bit of a revelation and a bit of shock, and perhaps not something I had appreciated when I chose the ‘I want an involving, demanding, uncertain career – a vocation – and a family’ .

I don’t think it will change, and I don’t think I want it to change. In fact, I made the decision I would try not to fit my kids around my life, but to drastically change my life to them. But, it is still a shock to realize, and I am just learning to appreciate the new normal.

Anyone else feel this?

I came across this cartoon today which sums it up.

A cheeky post on the importance of hobbies

My hobbies? Hiking, playing piano, painting my nails, doing my hair and make-up, reading, crafts of any type, sewing, cooking, baking, decorating cupcakes, making cake pops, dressing Sam, running, camping, taking long baths, dining out, visiting new cities, bicycling (when my bike isn’t stolen… grrrr…), Liverpool FC, listening to new music, growing orchids, growing veggies, weight-lifting, shoes.

And more.

My Christmas presents?


Wes’ hobbies? Alabama football, guns and Diablo 3.

His Christmas presents?


There is a lesson here 😉

Even Sam did better as he has one more to come from us:


People SAY it is not about the presents… but they are the people with no… er… hobbies… 😉

What have you asked for for the holiday?