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It’s Fall, y’all.

Not Autumn, but Fall, because this is the American way of doing the season (and man, do the Yanks get it right on this one). LOVE fall in the US. In the UK there is some nostalgia for conkers, and of course, Firework’s namesake Guy Fawke’s night. There is the odd toffee apple and the thought of walks in the woods as the leaves fall. But realistically: there are 3-4 months of dismal grey weather, the damp cold that chills you and ever shorter days. Plus no prospect of a bank holiday.

In America: not so. They go crazy for Fall, celebrating Thanksgiving and Halloween in big fashion.

Shops look like this:

Food looks like this:

Candy corn M&Ms

Candy corn M&Ms

or this:

Halloween Oreo

Drinks look like this:

Pumpkin spice latte

My baking looks somewhat more like this:

Jack O’ Lantern cake

And pets gotta look like this:

Dog in Halloween sweater

Walter’s ready for Fall y’all

LOVE Fall in the US 🙂